Who Was Silenus

Silenus Winery is named in honor of Silenus, the mentor and companion of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Silenus raised Dionysus from a child and taught him to focus on the most important things needed for a full life of hedonism and pleasure!

Key among the teachings was the art of planting and caring for grape vines in order to make the best wine possible. During ancient times wines were often flavored and sweetened with honey and so Silenus taught Dionysus how to raise bees to make the sweetest and most flavorful honey possible.

Silenus and Dionysus traveled the lands far and wide and hosted parties. While traveling they always carried with them their Thyrsus, a staff of giant fennel topped with a pine cone.

The Silenus Winery Thyrsus label pays homage to Silenus and combines all the elements that were taught to Dionysus, a Thyrsus emerging from a newly planted grape vine that is encircled by bees.

There are many legends and myths’ describing the epic travels and parties of Silenus and Dionysus. One of the most famous features a giant eagle sent by Zeus to search for and return the drunk and wandering duo. Their presence was required to officiate at the right hand of Zeus over the gods’ annual wine festival.

The Silenus Winery Eagle label pays homage to the power and persistence of the eagle in finding and returning Silenus and Dionysus to Zeus.