Scott Meadows

President, Silenus Winery


Scott was born the oldest of eight siblings into a family of weekend farmers, or rather, the kids were the weed-pullers and irrigators and the parents were the farmers. Surprisingly, enough water missed his siblings and made it into the garden to provide preserved fruits and vegetables to allow the family to make it through cold Utah winters.


Upon graduation from the University of Utah, Scott moved to Tokyo to work in marketing with a start-up that created language-learning software for Apple computers. This coincided with the birth of CD-ROM drives and internal hard disks, exciting times in the first wave of Apple's success. This job transitioned into a job at an advertising agency managing strategy and relationships with Christian Dior and Volvo, basically convincing them that the English translations of the Japanese ads were not, in fact, lame and the Japanese ads would represent their brands well.

It was during many nights of hard drinking in Tokyo nightclubs that Scott first came to realize the beauty of a fine wine. It started with a friend of his offering him a glass of 1971 Chateau Latour. One sip was all it took. From then on he studied and drank wine with a singular focus.

The land still had a pull on him too. On weekends, humidity permitting, Scott and his wife Yuko would train out to hiking trails around Tokyo and further south around Kyoto to reconnect with nature. A bottle of wine and a bento were keys to the success of these hikes.

Something must have taken root during the early farming experiences that compelled Scott and family to move in 2001 to Napa to become President of Koves-Newlan Vineyards and Winery. During his tenure, through a calamitous set of circumstances, Scott simultaneously took on the roles of President, Winemaker and Cellarmaster for a year. In 2010 the winery changed names and Scott became General Manager of Silenus Winery.

Scott is also President of the Board of Directors of Cybermill, a Napa non-profit dedicated to providing technology opportunities for all children in the community and a member of the board of The Laurasian Institution, an international non-profit focusing on fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Scott, his wife Yuko and their two daughters still enjoy gardening and living in Napa.